Downloading Super CSV


Java 1.5+
Super CSV is compiled for Java 1.5

Maven users

If you are using Maven, simply copy the following dependency into your pom.xml file. The artifact is hosted at Maven Central, and is standalone (no dependencies).


If you wish to use the new Dozer extension (with deep mapping and index-based mapping support), then you will also need the following:


Everyone else

You can download the latest distribution zip file from SourceForge, which contains:

super-csv/super-csv-2.2.0.jarSuper CSV 2.2.0 (compiled classes only)
super-csv/super-csv-2.2.0-sources.jarThe Super CSV source code
super-csv/super-csv-2.2.0-javadoc.jarThe Super CSV Javadoc documentation
super-csv-dozer/super-csv-dozer-2.2.0.jarSuper CSV Dozer extension 2.2.0 (compiled classes only)
super-csv-dozer/super-csv-dozer-2.2.0-sources.jarThe Super CSV Dozer extension source code
super-csv-dozer/super-csv-dozer-2.2.0-javadoc.jarThe Super CSV Dozer extension Javadoc documentation
super-csv-dozer/libThe Super CSV Dozer extension's dependencies (including Dozer)